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Located in Sarasota, Florida, we are a very unique an Alternative/Holistic/Oriental Medical Center/Company. We educate, train and sell Alternative/Holistic/Oriental Medicine & Products to people/patients who want to take over their healthcare and live life to the fullest, the way God intended. We have HEALED 1000’s of patients over the past 20 years with “All Natural Medicines & Products,” that have been proven safe & effective over 5,000+ years.

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The model of medicine has become one of masking & managing symptoms. If the drug companies can mask & manage a patient’s disease, they have a customer for life. Don’t get me wrong; Western Medicine definitely has its merits, but it certainly isn’t the “be-all and end-all” for treating disease in the modern era.

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I found Dr. House seemingly by accident

I found Dr. House seemingly by accident, although it now seems it was by divine intervention! I was looking for some help for my husband's damaged shoulder which had become almost totally disabled. This was after going the usual orthopedic route and getting what turned out to be a bad diagnosis and no relief from the pain and lack of function. It was recommended that he have a shoulder replacement, after receiving cortisone injections for two years and being told it was just arthritis. What he had was a torn rotator cuff, damage to his labrum and bone on bone pain. It was Dr. House that discovered this misdiagnosis.

I was intrigued with the Prolopuncture information and encouraged by the reviews and videos. I showed my husband the website and we watched Dr. Houses' videos and were impressed with his attitude and candor. We would later be impressed with his vast knowledge and commitment to successfully correcting the problems and restoring the quality of life that my husband once had.

So, we made the appointment, got x-rays and saw him in short order. My husband did EVERYTHING Dr. House told him to do along with getting the Prolopuncture shots twice weekly. If you do what he says to do, you will find that it is completely effective. It almost seemed miraculous! But it is scientific, and my husband is a perfect example of how effective it is. Dr. House said my husband's shoulder was the second worse one he had seen and treated. His honesty was SO appreciated and as it turned out my husband is using his shoulder fully once again. He is a house painter, so his work depended on his full recovery. We highly recommend Dr. House and the services he offers to get you back to living a quality life in excellent health.

Kate P


Wow, Finally free from hip pain!

Wow, finally free from hip pain! Great services. Right on with the Prolopuncture treatments! I was recommended to get a hip replacement which i saw commercials where they were suing joint replacement manufactures and i was terrified. Then my friend told me about Dr. H and how he could grow tissue in my hip joint so i wouldn't have to get surgery. I was skeptical, but Dr. H went over my MRI and explained how he was going to use B12 & Dextrose to grow fibrous tissue in my hip joint so i wouldn't have to get surgery. I trusted my friend and Dr. H was so convincing with all his success stories, i decided why not try the all natural alternative because i could always get surgery if it didn't work. I am so happy to say my hip has never felt better. Dr. H was understanding and helpful, Thank You so much!



Dr. House is a miracle worker...

I was referred to Dr. House, by a family member who had knee issues 10 years ago and Dr. House helped him from not having to get a knee replacement surgeries on both knees. Both my knees were in terrible condition, they would buckle and give out on me a couple times a day. Dr. House got me two Mri's for only $400 for both which I couldn't believe because I got quoted at $2400 for both of them up here in PA. He explained the Mri results and answered all my questions. He informed me it would take 10 treatments of Prolopuncture and a couple months of rehab. When I was getting my treatments, I informed Dr. House i was also suffering from Diabetes type 2 which ran in my family. He said he could fix it... if i was willing to change my diet and do some herbal formulas. Dr. House is a miracle worker, its been 7 months and my knees are better than they were before my injuries. I can run the 1st time in years. I also have lost 30pds and my A1C blood test is below 5.5 the 1st time in 20 years. Thank you Dr. House you have changed my life.

William B

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