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Acupuncture (Eastern Medicine) is the one of the oldest and most proven forms of medicine. Acupuncture is over 3000 years old and is now one of the fastest growing fields of medicine in the United States. There are a lot of unanswered questions people have about this medicine. I will try to put it in “layman’s terms” so that it will be easier to understand. The biggest difference between Western and Eastern (Acupuncture) Medicine is that : Western Medicine primarily concentrates on signs & symptoms; while Eastern medicine concentrates on the root of the symptoms & disease. For example: if disease is like a tree, the symptoms would be the branches and if you were to trim the branches the tree would continue to grow actually bigger and stronger. Western Medicine, masks the symptoms; which is like trimming the branches and so the disease continues to grow. Western Medicine is set up in a way to keep the patients sick because if they were to heal the patients they would lose a customer.

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By masking and managing the disease they can keep you sick for life and a slave to the drugs they have you on. People in the US are on average taking 3 or more drugs most of their adult lives. This is why the World Health Organization (W.H.O) has ranked the US 37th in the world for healthcare. The system is not healthcare, it is in reality sickcare. While, Acupuncture, looking at the sum of all the signs & symptoms, and through 3000 years of clinical application, has found the roots of the diseases.

In China, you see the Doctor once a month and his job is to keep you healthy. It is easier to prevent disease than it is to cure the disease.

At All Natural Healing Medical Center, in Sarasota, Fl, we go after the root cause of your disease. We teach lifestyle changes with Acupuncture, because if you don’t change what’s making you sick, you will never get better. Depending on what type of disease you have; it can take from as little as one Acupuncture treatment to a series of Acupuncture depending on how chronic your disease is. We have healed 1000’s of patients from all types of diseases.

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