Alternative Med. Videos

Alt. Med. Videos

Turmeric Benefits (YOU Never Know These 13 Health Benefits Of Turmeric)

The Big Secret - Full Medical Documentary

Death by Medicine a film by Gary Null Documentary Films HD 2017

Otzi The Iceman - 5000 Year Old Mummy

Masaru Emoto - Water Experiments

Heated Cervical Traction With E-Stim Massager

Heated Lumbar Traction & Massager

Impulse Gun (Acupressure Instrument)

7 Stretches For Low Back

Back Stretches

Juice Plus (What Is Juice Plus A Seamless Solution) To Order Go To Www.Docsrq.Com

Dr Chi (Fingernail & Tongue Analysis)

Science Behind Yoga & Stress


Thank you Dr. House

I have had sciatica for over a year and nothing helps me for very long. I have tried it all. Dr. House saw me 2 times my first week and it was not until the third visit that I got complete relief! I have no sciatica and don’t ever want it again. Thank you Dr. House, you are a lifesaver!*

- Sara M, Bradenton


Total Rockstar For Natural Healing

Dr. House is a total rockstar for natural healing. He truly is knowledgeable and a great guy to deal with. Keep up the GREAT WORK!

Nick G.


Highly Knowledgable, Understanding

Since the 1980's I have sought treatment through Eastern and alternative medicines alongside western practices. Dr. House has done an outstanding job with diagnosing and treating two major organ conditions I've lived with. I am currently taking treatment under His care with detoxification through his use of acupuncture and Chinese medicines. Dr. House's knowledge, understanding, and experience has changed and continues to improve my quality of life under his treatment. I highly recommend his practice.

-Lei S.