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In a recent video, Dr. House provides a detailed explanation of spinal adjustments, highlighting the tools and techniques used in chiropractic care. Here, we break down the essential points discussed to help you better understand the process and the importance of accurate diagnostics. Dr. Michael House is an Acupuncture Physician & Doctor of Holistic/Oriental Medicine. He is also the founder of All Natural Healing, an alternative medicine clinic in West Coast Florida.  If you’re dealing with back pain, this video provides essential insights into the best approaches for spinal care.

Dr. House’s explanation highlights the importance of precise diagnostics and advanced tools in chiropractic care. Understanding these aspects can help patients appreciate the need for MRIs and the effectiveness of modern chiropractic tools like the Impulse in providing relief from spinal issues. By prioritizing accurate diagnosis and utilizing advanced technology, chiropractors can offer more effective and less painful treatments for their patients.

The Anatomy of a Protrusion

Protrusion of the spine is a common spinal issue. This condition involves a bulge or herniation that extends around the spine. He points out the small openings in the spine called foramina, which can change shape and pinch nerves when there is too much or too little curvature in the spine. This can cause significant discomfort and pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Tools

Traditional chiropractic adjustments involve manipulating the spine to relieve pressure and pain. However, a chiropractor cannot adjust each individual vertebra separately. Typically, three or four vertebrae are adjusted at a time. To enhance this process, advanced tools have been developed.
About ten years ago, a new tool called the Impulse was introduced to address the need for precision and reduce discomfort. This tool features a built-in computer that measures the necessary force and applies it accurately. It clicks and adjusts the spine multiple times, providing a more effective and less painful treatment.

The Process of Spinal Adjustment

Using the Impulse tool, chiropractors can adjust each vertebra in the back, much like loosening up a rusty gate. It is like unjamming a finger, in which each vertebra must be loosened, which he compares to knuckles.
Following these adjustments, medicine is injected between the spinous processes, just above the bulge. This precise placement is crucial for effective treatment, which is why obtaining an MRI is so important.

The Importance of MRIs in Spinal Diagnostics

MRIs are essential for accurately diagnosing spinal issues. Unlike X-rays, which only show bones, MRIs reveal soft tissue details, providing a complete picture of the spine’s condition. In West Coast Florida, affordable MRIs are available for $150 with a $50 script, making them accessible for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.

Why X-rays Are Insufficient

X-rays cannot show soft tissue, making them inadequate for diagnosing herniated discs. Relying on X-rays alone can lead to incomplete or incorrect diagnoses. An MRI, on the other hand, shows everything needed to pinpoint the exact location for medicine placement, ensuring effective treatment.

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