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Arthritis is one of those healthcare problems that affect an overwhelming number of Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health. Despite its prevalence, Western approaches often relegate options for dealing with the problem to drugs and surgery, which are less than ideal for many people. However, the interest in alternative solutions—like acupuncture and biopuncture—has been on the rise and even crossing over into more mainstream sources through television programs hosted by Dr. Oz. Alternative treatments represent another path by actively addressing the causes of arthritis without reliance on long-term medication use. As a premier destination for alternative treatment for arthritis clinics in Sarasota, we, All Natural Healing Medical Center, provide effective treatments that deliver lasting results. Before making your decision, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our medical center. Understanding our services and what to expect can significantly enhance your confidence and peace of mind. Keep reading to learn more about how we can assist you. 

Arthritis—at its simplest meaning, it is “joint inflammation” (“arthro-” refers to joint, and “-itis” to inflammation) and can be caused by numerous factors and widely leads patients to a life-long dependence on painkillers. The approach at All Natural Healing Medical Center in Sarasota, FL, is a world away from that. We get to the root causes of your joint inflammation, knowing that arthritis is multi-causational and unique to each patient. Our treatments are comprehensive and varied, from acupuncture and biopuncture to herbology, homeopathy, the use of FAR infrared saunas, massage, nutritional counselling, and prolopuncture. These are not merely alternative methods to the conventional ones, but in and of themselves, they are comprehensive approaches addressing particular causes of arthritis.

Our medical center’s philosophy is that natural therapies can effectively control and abate the symptoms of arthritis, and these have proven effective results over centuries. Most Western medications come with a list of potentially debilitating side effects, while alternative treatments are considered safe and have minimal to no side effects. This is particularly important because, with some drugs, the side effects can be more debilitating than the symptoms they are supposed to be treating. Most people, if not all, can be found on the list of side effect warnings that deter many from even thinking of accepting the treatments on offer.

Arthritis can significantly affect the quality of one’s life. It causes pain, stiffness, and reduced physical mobility, affecting one’s daily activities. Since this is a chronic condition, finding sustainable and effective management strategies is essential. At our medical center, the therapies focus on natural ways to lower inflammation and pain, improve joint function, and bring general well-being, avoiding complications with pharmaceuticals.

This holistic care will go a long way in helping patients manage osteoarthritis not only physically but also in their general health since the incorporation of body and mind practices. Patients will be engaged in nutrition counselling to alter their nutrition towards the reduction of inflammation, while massage therapy will be used to enhance circulation and muscle function around the affected joints. FAR infrared saunas are devices that deliver deep heat to reduce pain and stiffness, which go a long way in providing a soothing touch to patients and are used as a therapeutic tool.

For those patients who are fed up with the traditional route of drugs, with their range of side effects, or for those in search of a natural way to control their arthritis, our medical center will be your destination for healing inside out. 

If arthritis is ailing you and you are looking for alternative treatments for arthritis in Sarasota, visit All Natural Healing Medical Center. Our level of care in arthritis is one that is focused on the patient and ensures that all levels of treatment given are as individual as your condition. To learn more about how our alternative treatments reduce symptoms of arthritis and restore quality of life, please call 941-953-3700 to schedule your free consultation. Be a part of the thousands of patients for whom we have provided relief that is lasting with our natural and effective treatment methods. Be our next success story and feel the difference holistic care has in managing arthritis!