Biopuncture… An Alternative To Surgery And Drugs

An estimated 43 million people in the United States have arthritis or other rheumatic conditions. By the year 2020, this number is expected to jump to 60 million. (NIH Pub. No. 02-4999) There’s few viable options in our drug based western medicine model in the United States. Biopuncture is an alternative way to surgery and drugs that is catching on in the U.S. It was become so main stream, that Dr. Oz dedicated two shows on Biopuncture, on his T.V. show.

Biopuncture combines two schools of thought: Acupuncture and Homeopathy. Acupuncture recognizes pain as Qi (chee) and blood stagnation. The body is made up of electrical channels called meridians and when these meridians get dammed up by the stagnation of Qi and Blood, pain occurs. Pain is just a signal to the individual that there is something wrong in the body. This pain should not be ignored, which western medicine practices by masking and managing the pain with drugs. Which could make the injury worse since the person can’t feel the pain. The only true cure is to treat the root of the problem and not masking it with drugs. Western medicine treats symptoms, while eastern medicine attacks the cause of the problem. The analogy Eastern Medicine uses is that of a tree, being disease, with the symptoms being the branches and the cause being the root. Western medicine trims the branches/symptoms which as we know the tree/ disease will continue to grow. Eastern medicine on the other hand attacks the root/cause of the disease which in turn eliminates the tree/disease. Now taking this into consideration; Biopuncture will attack the root of the problem in a safe and effective way. In Acupuncture, when the needle is stuck in the point that has the Qi and Blood stagnation, it will disperse the stagnation thus eliminating the pain. This is where Biopuncture can speed up the process ten fold due to its powerful pain relieving abilities in the body. By injecting the homeopathic medicine right into the source of the pain, the medication can be more focused and not have the power of the medicine get diluted. When the needle is retrieved from the body after the treatment, the body forgets the process of the intent of the needle. When we inject a solution into the ashi point (ashi =pain) it is like “Acupuncture to Go”. The body will keep sending healing energy to the ashi or acupuncture point because it is still being stimulated by the solution being in the point. Thus the stimulation can last up to seven days which speeds up the healing process. The needles used for the injections are so small the patient never complains about the small sting it gives. Combining Homeopathic medicine to the process creates pain management that a patient can feel within 10 minutes. Homeopathy was one of the original medicines that were practiced in the United States, 170 years ago. It is world renown for being a safe and very effective medicine that can be practiced with very minimal side effects. It is an all natural medicine that uses about every substance known to man to help heal disease. Homeopathy is too complex to go into right now, but know it is a proven method of medicine with 1000’s of clinical studies. The most common homeopathic formulas used for pain management are, Traumeel and Zeel being the two that I found most effective for pain. Traumeel’s provides temporary relief of minor aches and pains associated with sport injuries, sprains, muscle aches and bruises, as well as minor arthritis pain and inflammation. For over 50 years physicians have been recommending Traumeel as a safe alternative to anti-inflammatory drugs. Zeel is used for temporarily relief of joint pain, improves joint function, and stimulates healthy cartilage performance. Zeel is particularly effective in relieving symptoms associate with degenerative arthritis, including fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. In a recent clinical study, Zeel was found to be as effective as COX 2 inhibitors Celebrex and Viox in pain relieving pain associated with osteoarthritis. I have personally seen through my patients good results of whiplash, knee pain, arthritis, headaches and low back pain. Both products are suitable for long term treatment and without any known side effects. The homeopathic formula called Neuralgo-Rheum can rehydrate degenerative disc. While Zeel, can shrink bulging and herniated disc. So, the model of surgery on the back should be the last thing a patient should consider.

Finally, this is a way to assure patients can live without pain and not worry about any long term side effects from pain management drugs. I strongly suggest anyone who thinks they may be a candidate for Biopuncture should get an MRI because the old saying, “a picture is worth a 1,000 words,” couldn’t be any truer. An x-ray only shows hard tissue, while a MRI shows hard and soft tissue. I am very excited about this pain management because I have yet to come across a patient, I could not help improve their pain. Biopuncture is not just limited to pain management; it will speed up any healing process that conventional acupuncture can treat. I recommend anyone who suffers from neck and back pain and have been advised to get surgery, to take a look at Biopuncture first before settling on surgery. I am not only a Dr, who treats this way, i am also a patient who herniated disc were healed by Biopuncture. It fixed, seven herniated disc, i got from a car accident. I strongly recommends to exhaust all the non-surgical alternatives before surgery because you can always get surgery, but with Biopuncture, surgery will limit the effectiveness of Biopuncture.

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