Biopuncture involves utilization of

Homeopathic medications

That are injected into Acupuncture points for the purpose of reducing pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, reducing herniated/bulging discs and to assist in the healing process. Several medications are used for this purpose and the treatments are specifically tailored to each patient. Biopuncture is new to the United States but has been used in China for years with incredible results vary from patient to patient due to age and lifestyle.
Biopuncure Services in Sarasota

How Biopuncture Is Administered?

Biopuncture is administered in a series of 15 treatments over the course of 3 to 5 weeks. Ideally, 3 to 5 treatments a week will speed up the holistic healing process. Then the patient is reevaluated; to see if and additional treatments are indicated. The healing process works best if the patient does not irritate the injected areas. Rest and relaxation during the course of treatments are highly recommended. To maximize results, injections should be combined with other alternative treatment methods such as physical therapy, Impulse Therapy adjustments, and Cervical & Lumbar Traction with Heated Massager. Biopuncture is a safe and effective alternative to toxic injections and drugs commonly used to alleviate or manage pain. Biopuncture addresses the root of the issue, which is different than the masking and managing of symptoms that drugs usually do. It is very effective for patients in treating acute and chronic pain, allowing patients to return to their regular activities with minimal recovery time. Generally, the injection process is often painless due to the very small size of the needles and the use of a topical numbing agent used for those patients who are more sensitive.

Below is a list of the homeopathic injectable formulas that Dr. House uses for his Biopuncture Protocol, that he created. Dr.House suffered 9 herniated disc and couldn’t feel his hands or feet. He knew, he didn’t want to go the traditional methods for treating back pain in either pain medication and/or surgeries. Dr.House did a semester in China and became one of the 1st American Acupuncture Physicians to be certified in Biopuncture. Dr.House adopted some of the Protocols he learned in China and created Homeopathic Protocols that were missing to eliminate back pain from herniated & bulging disc, degenerative disc disease, disc protrusions, spinal stenosis, bone spurs, and joint arthritis. Dr.House’s back injuries led him to create Biopuncture Homeopathic Protocols, that has literally helped 1000’s of his patient’s over 20+ years, from having to go on pain medication and/or unnecessary surgeries. Not all of these are used on all patients and a specific preparation will be made for each patient, aimed at their particular conditions.


Is a homeopathic formula used in the treatment of neck, back, muscular pain, sprains, strains, bursitis, sciatica, and inflammation.


Is a homeopathic formula used in the treatment of mild to moderate arthritic joint pain, osteoarthritis, joint stiffness and shrinks bulging/herniated disc


Is a homeopathic formula used to treat muscle spasms, soreness and cramps.

Discus Compositum

Is a homeopathic formula used for osteochondrosis, joint affections, especially in the spine region, spondylosis, prolapse discs, degenerated disc and herniated/bulging disc.


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