Heated Lumbar Traction & Massager

Why Does My Back Hurt?

If You’re Having Pain, It’s Important To Figure Out Why.Almost 30% Of Americans Have Some Sort Of Pain In The Lower Back, And It’s A Top Cause Of Disability Worldwide. Age Plays A Role, But The Causes Can Include Injures, An Inactive Lifestyle, Poor Posture, Illnesses, And Obesity, Among Many Other Things. Your Back Is At The Mercy Of Bad Habits Like: Slouching At Your Desk / Lifting And Pulling Heavy Objects With Your Back Rather Your Legs / Being Overweight / Not Exercising Enough / Smoking / Wearing High Heels / Carrying An Overloaded BackpackAll Of These Things Can Lead To Lower Back Pain.
Back Pain Treatments in Sarasota
Back Pain Treatments in Sarasota

Others Causes Of Chronic Pain Include:

  • Herniated Or Slipped Discs
  • Cervical Radiculopathy
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Degenerative Disc Disease
  • Facet Joint Dysfunction
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Best Back Pain Stretches For Immediate Back Pain ReliefWhy Stretching Is So Effective For Alleviating (And Preventing) Back Pain?Regular Movement And Stretching Can Help Alleviate Back Pain By Relaxing Tight Muscles And Improving Circulation To Help Nourish The Spine.Not Only Will Regular Stretching Help Loosen The Muscles And Get Rid Of Existing Back Pain, But It Can Also Strengthen The Back — And Lower Your Chances Of Dealing With Back Pain In The Future.

Product Description:

You Just Need To Lie On The Lumbar Traction Device,Pushing The Waist Up And Down With The Gravity Of The Human Body Plus The Inflation Air Pressure Will Help Us To Perform Dynamic Stretching Exercises. You Don’t Need To Move, The Device Will Help You Move And Stretch Your Waist, Air Traction Stretching Up And Down Amplitude Is 1.6 ”-3.9 ”.You Can Relax Overused And Tight Muscles ; Advanced Heating Function And Vibration Feature Soothes Aching Muscles And Can Be Turned On & Off With Ease.

Multifunctional Heated Lumbar Traction & Massager Device

Electric Infrared Heated Lumbar Traction & Massager Device – Waist Back Massager Vibration Massage Lumbar Spine Support Intelligent & Manual Traction Relieve Lumbar Muscle Fatigue.

  • Two Automatic Traction Modes:
  • (Different Traction Height Design, Users Choose The Mode That Suits Them.)
  • Intelligent Traction Function
  • Manual Traction Mode

Infrared Heating Technology:

  • Infrared Heating Technology, Promote Blood Circulation, Reducing Lumbar And Back Pain.

Lumbar Traction Device:

  • Electric Inflatable Lumbar Traction: The Height Is Increased By 2.75inch After Inflation
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