All Natural Healing Medical Center

Discover a holistic path to back pain relief with Dr. House at All Natural Healing. With over two decades of experience, Dr. House specializes in a range of alternative treatments for back pain, including Biopuncture, Prolopuncture, Herbology, and Impulse Therapy. He adopts a deeply personalized approach, crafting treatment plans that are uniquely tailored to address the root causes of your discomfort and promote your body’s natural healing mechanisms.

At All Natural Healing, we understand that back pain is a complex issue influenced by various factors such as muscle strain, spinal disc problems, arthritis, and sciatica. Dr. House combines his expertise with a comprehensive evaluation of your specific situation to offer treatments that not only alleviate pain but also aim to restore function and improve overall well-being.

Our treatments range from Biopuncture, where tiny needles inject natural solutions to promote healing, to Prolopuncture, a therapy designed to stimulate tissue growth in injured areas. Herbology uses the therapeutic powers of plants to enhance health, while Impulse Therapy offers precise, gentle adjustments to correct spinal misalignments.

By choosing All Natural Healing, you benefit from therapies that are natural and minimally invasive, focusing on long-term health rather than quick fixes. Dr. House’s holistic approach also considers your emotional and mental well-being, ensuring a comprehensive care plan.

Take the first step towards a pain-free future. Schedule a free consultation with Dr. House today and explore how our alternative treatments can help you live your life to the fullest, free from back pain.