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Impulse Therapy

Impulse Therapy

The Impulse Therapy is an adjusting & massaging system that is the highest level of technology. Inside the Impulse gun is a motion sensor in the tip of the instrument that determines how well your spinal joints are moving.

The Impulse Therapy Instrument was created for the specific purpose of delivering gentle & precise adjustments and massages to individuals. It works on the joints of the spine, as well as the extremities, and the paraspinal muscles to provide pain relief and restoration of function.

A treatment involves a low velocity, low amplitude thrust to a misaligned vertebra and can include an accompanying, audible release of gas (joint cavitation) that is caused by the release of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide which releases joint pressure.

Impulse therapy services in Sarasota
  • Manual Massager: This is an adjusting instrument intended for adjustment, mobilization or manipulation & massaging of the & the paraspinal muscles of the spine and back. Based on the manual adjustments & massages, it is a very effective and enjoyable pain reliever.
  • 3 Levels Force: 75N(low) , 180N(medium), 300N(High), meeting your various needs. Can improve nerve cell and the normal function of an organ resulting in rapid recovery the body function.
  • Used for adjustment or massages of cervical vertebra, facial micro-shaping, thoracic vertebra, lumbar vertebra, scoliosis, foraminal stenosis, spinal stenosis
  • Can be used for joints relief, cervical adjustment, thoracic spondylosis, cervical spondylosis, herniated & bulging disc and musculoskeletal joint pain.


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