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Prolopuncture…Not Only Am I The Physician, But Was Also A Patient

I have seen an overwhelming epidemic of patients in my practice, with hip, knee, and shoulder issues. Currently we are living longer and exercising more than previous generations, which create more wear and tear on our joints and tendons. Conventional medicine’s approach is to mask and manage these problems with different types of pain killers and other drugs. Western medicine uses everything from cortisone shots, to taking pain killers several times a day. This can actually make the root of the problem worse, because pain is the body’s alarm system letting us know when something is wrong. Drugs just turn off this alarm, which in turn makes us think we are better. When the pain killer wears off we are actually in worse shape, than prior to taking the painkillers. When patients gets to a point where they can no longer function, the next step for conventional medicine is surgery or artificial replacements.

Seven years ago I ruptured my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) and also tore my medial meniscus in my right knee. I chose to follow conventional medicine and went under the knife. After surgery I had to go thru six months of rehabilitation. While in rehab, I started to notice numbness in a three inch area under my right knee, which was completely numb to the touch. On the following visit the surgeon informed me, that type of numbness routinely happens due to the surgeon’s knife cutting a nerve. His exact words exactly were, “That’s par for the course.” This is a very typical story that I hear from people after surgery. My experience has showed me 50% of the people who had surgery, said it was the best thing they ever did. But the other 50% told me, that the surgery made the condition worse than prior to having surgery.

After the six months of rehabbing my knee, I would go work out and my knee would swell after ten minutes of exercise. I wouldn’t be able to walk for three days because it would swell up as large as a football. This led me on a quest to find an alternative way to deal with joint repair. When an individual has a tear in the meniscus of the knee, it is common practice to cut out the flaps around the meniscus tear. This confused me because; I likened this to cutting cushion out of your couch. The meniscus is there as a shock absorber or “cushion,” between the bones. The meniscus and cartilage absorbs the pounding the knee joint takes when running and walking. This operation is known as arthroscopic knee surgery and it is to “repair” the knee. This is a very common practice in the professional sports world. I was 33 years old at the time and was too young to stop exercising. Fortune had it, while in Oriental Medicine School, I had a chance to do a semester abroad in China. While in China, I was taught an all natural way to repair joints and partial tears of soft tissue injuries. The procedure is called Prolopuncture and is very similar to Prolotherapy here in the United States. I tried the procedure on myself. After taking the course of 10 shots over a 10 week time period, I was able to exercise as I could prior to my accident. Since then, I am as active as I was before my accident, and I take a booster shot once every six months to remain pain free.

The first thing that is required is a MRI of the injured area to get 100% of the information. “A picture’s worth a thousand words.” The MRI will tell us if the patient will need surgery or is a candidate for this procedure. Before deciding on surgery, it is imperative to obtain an MRI because the surgery could create further impairments, which could have been avoided without surgery. This method involves a series of 10 shots every week. In severe cases you may have to do 12 shots to alleviate the problem. The solution consists of Dextrose and B12. The solution is injected into the affected area. Take an injured knee for example. A knee joint can either have pain from a tear or degeneration (thinning) of the meniscus. The solution creates a scarring effect that creates fibrous tissue. It takes a week for a shot to run its course before receiving another shot. This scarring action is similar to breaking a bone. Once the bone is healed it is thicker than it was prior to the break. Also, the same scarring action occurs when you cut your skin. The skin becomes thicker in the area where the cut was, which forms a scar. After completing 10 shots over 10 weeks, 90% of patients, report feeling back to normal. Depending on how active one’s lifestyle is, one will typically need a booster shot every 6 months to a couple of years. The good news is, that they will never need joint replacement surgery, as long as they continue to receive the booster shots and listen to their bodies when pain occurs. Pain is really the body’s way of telling us something is wrong. When you have pain for more than a week, I suggest coming in to see me, so you won’t cause more damage. This Procedure is good for tennis or golfer’s elbow, carpel tunnel syndromes, rotator cuff syndromes, knee injuries, osteoarthritis, hip injuries, ankle, foot, hand injuries and any type of partial tendon tears.

If you are experiencing any type of these issues come in and talk to me. It makes me sick to hear patients come in and tell me their MD told them, “Wait until it is unbearable and then have a joint replacement.” I have helped hundreds of patients whose doctor told them the only answer was replacing the joint and/or surgery. If there is only one thing you take from this article, I hope it has opened your eyes to other options, other than surgery, at a tenth of the cost of conventional medicine. It is always smart to look for all natural and alternative medicine first because one can always go under the knife.

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Dr Michael House AP, O.M.D.