Sarasota Medical Weight Loss

We are the best option for Sarasota Medical Weight Loss. When it comes Weight Loss Programs, everyone is a unique individual and one weight loss program isn’t going to work for everyone. Have you ever noticed how one person loses a bunch of weight and another person loses nothing off the same weight loss program?

America is the most overweight country in the world. If you ever travel abroad the only overweight people you see are American tourists. America also has more weight loss programs than any other country in the world. Have you ever noticed what the 1st three letters of DIET spell….DIE. The reason why is because we are taught that if we want to lose weight; we either eat less food or less carbs or less meals. The so-called diet experts say “Is if we eat less our body’s will burn the fat we have to live on.” This can’t be farther from the truth because less than 100 years ago; the #1 reason for death was starvation. So our bodies have adapted over time and now anytime you are hungry, this is the body telling you that it is” starving”. When the body is starving the next thing you eat will go straight to fat because the body thinks it will need to save it for later. When your body stores food it is known as fat. So most of America is in starvation mode because they only eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full.

Experience The Real Solution To Weight Loss!

At All Natural Healing Medical Center in Sarasota, Fl; Dr Michael House has been trained to individualize a Medical Weight Loss Program for each individual patient, since everyone is so different. Dr. House will sit down with his patients and cater a specific Medical Weight Loss Program for their body type. He determines patient’s individual body types by Tongue Diagnosis. The Tongue is like a “finger print” that changes as you go through life. No one has the same tongue and the tongue will change as the patient’s health changes. Tongue Diagnosis shows the history of the patient’s health, also what their health is at that moment and shows the future of the patient’s health.

If you eat for your body type you will never have to go on a “DIE-T” again. At All Natural Healing Medical Center, Dr. House also utilizes Alkaline Water, Herbs, Homeopathy, Nutritional Counseling, Vibration Therapy, FAR-Infrared Saunas and Weight Loss Lipotopic shots to assist his patients to their desired weight and body fat percentage.

Dr. House practices what he preaches and has a body fat percentage of 11% (mens’ normal range is 10% to 18% and womens’ normal range is 18% to 25%). Lipotropic Weight Loss shots burn fat while it creates lean muscle. The shot consist of B-12 and a combination of four amino acids that metabolizes fat, gives you energy, lessens the cravings for carbs and builds lean muscle. We have helped 100’s lose weight and keep it off with our Medical Weight Loss Program. No more yo-yo dieting and no more New Year’s weight loss resolutions. Call the clinic 941-953-3700 & set up a free consultation and become our next Success Story.