Take The “Die” Out Of Your Diet

Take The “Die” Out Of Your Diet

Have you ever realized that the word diet has DIE in it. When people go on a diet, they are literally killing themselves, by not eating or eating things that are not right for their body type. There isn’t one diet that works for everyone because we are all individually unique. It seems like every year around this time a new fad diet comes out and everyone jumps on the “bandwagon”. Please don’t be fooled or sold to, I want to show you a way of eating that has been in existence for over 4,000 years. The Asian way of eating, caters to the individual and their health needs.

The United States is the most over fed malnourished country in the world. Our health care is ranked 37th in the world by the World Health Organization. (W.H.O) If, your not looking out for yourself than you fall pray to a health care system that isn’t better than sum third world countries. If you have ever traveled, you start to realize that the only over weight people you see, are the American tourist. This is due to the fact that we were never taught how to eat for our body types. If your parents are over weight, there is a good chance you will be over weight. In the U.S we have no formal training on how to eat healthy. Schools don’t have courses in how to eat properly. In fact, meals at most schools are some of the unhealthiest choices for growing kids. This is dangerous because the school years are the foundation to an individual’s eating habits for the rest of their lives. If we don’t set the right examples to the kids at that age, it will be harder to change their habits later on in life. People like to blame their overweight, on their genetics. If this were true we would see, the obesity epidemic all over the world. Western Doctors lead us to believe it is due to having a hypothyroid. Then they put their patients on drugs to treat the slow thyroid. This is only treating the symptom and not the root cause, which is not eating right for their body type. Western Doctors only have a couple hours of nutrition in medical school and it is not tested on their boards. So, they didn’t really have to pay attention to proper eating habits. So, asking your western doctor about health and nutrition isn’t a good idea since it is barely taught in the medical schools. Everyone is an individual and the way they eat needs to be diagnosed specific for their body type. The Asians’ have been eating specific for their body type for 1000’s of years. So, their way of eating has been in practice longer than any of those fad diets, we see popping up all the time. If you think about it you rarely see overweight Asian people.

The way we determine, what type of body an individual is, we look at one’s tongue. The tongue is a microcosm of an individual’s body. The tip of the tongue is the heart and above that are the lungs. The middle part of the tongue is the spleen/stomach and the sides are liver and gall bladder. The root of the tongue is the kidneys and the urinary bladder. Everyone has a unique tongue; no two tongues are the same. The tongue will change as the individual changes. The tongue body can be different colors, such as pale, red or purple. There can be different cracks on the tongue in different areas and the tongue “fur” can be thick or thin. The tongue coating can also be yellow or white in color. The size of the tongue is also different, sometimes the tongue gets swollen and you will be able to see your teeth marks on the sides of the tongue. Other times the tongue can be thin and skinny. Also the tongue can be a combination of swollen and thin, which is known as a hammer tongue. After, we look at your tongue; we simplify one’s body type into two categories. One is either a cold body type or a hot body type, or a combination of both. If you break the word disease down, it ends up being dis ease, another words disease is when one’s body is out of ease or in disharmony. If he can balance the body than dis ease can not exist and this means you will prevent disease.

Foods have different natures and have different effects on the body when eaten. Foods can be, cold, cool, neutral, warm or hot in nature. The coldest food in the world is watermelon and the hottest food in the world is lamb. So, the Chinese say don’t eat lamb in the summer, its too hot in nature, and that’s why mint jelly is served with lamb to cool it down. They also say don’t eat watermelon in the winter because it is too cold in nature. Depending on what type of body type you are, determines what type of foods you should eat on a regular basis. If you are a cold body type, than 70% of your meals want to be neutral, warm and hot. A good example is when one eats sushi, they are served wasabi and ginger with the raw seafood. If you are a hot body type, than 70% of your meals should come from the neutral, cool and cold types of food. Raw food is better for those who run hot in nature. This way of eating will balance out your body, thus preventing your body becoming dis eased. Not only, do foods have an effect on your body, the time you eat has a huge effect on your body. There is a famous Chinese quote that states, “Eat breakfast like a prince, lunch like a king and feed your dinner to your enemies.” Most Americans skip breakfast, have a small lunch and dinner is their biggest meal of the day. Each organ has a time of the day that it works optimal and a time it is at its’ weakest. The spleen and the stomach work the best between 6am to 9am and is the weakest between 6pm to 9pm. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the stomach holds food, while the spleen turns food into blood and Qi (chee). Qi is energy and if you break the human body down, we are made of atoms. Atoms are energy, so the body isn’t physical, it is energetic. This is why it is important, to eat larger meals earlier in the day, than having the largest meal in the evening. There is a book that spells out the difference between hot and cold people. It also goes over every food in the standard American diet (s.a.d) and shows what it does to the body and whether it is hot, cold or neutral. The book also has a ton of different recipes for the different body type. It is called, “Healing with Whole Foods”, written by Paul Pritchford.

The second major reason, why there is an obesity epidemic is the fact that Americans don’t get enough exercise. How many of us jump in our car to go down to the corner store. We have become couch potatoes. We watch other people live their lives from the comfort of our couches. If you want to be in shape you need to stay in shape. As humans we are living longer than ever before. The average age was 62 when they created social security, now the average age is 72. Need to start taking better care of our bodies, as a neck, back and joint specialist I see more and more worn out joint injuries every year. Best advice I can give you is stay with the less jarring cardio; like swimming, yoga, paddle boarding, biking, and walking. Walking is the best exercise, known to man. Great example, is if you ever travel overseas the majority of the people are walking and are in good shape.. Find something you like to do, so you will stick with it. Most important, have fun doing it. Rest between exercises is very import. This is when your fat is going to be used up, fueling the body to repair the muscles after exercising. Try to get exercise at least every other day. Know that your scale might stay the same for a week or two. This is do to the fact that muscle is heavier than fat. Your body is making lean muscle out of the fat you have burned off. You will first notice your clothes getting loser. So break out those clothes you haven’t worn in months and get active, eat for your body type and look fabulous. You can now buy body fat scales for less than $30. Some have water hydration level, bone density and total muscle percentage. They are accurate enough to help you achieve your health goals

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Dr Michael House AP, O.M.D.