All Natural Healing Medical Center


Dr. House Is A Miracle Worker…

I was referred to Dr. House, by a family member who had knee issues 10 years ago and Dr. House helped him from not having to get a knee replacement surgeries on both knees. Both my knees were in terrible condition, they would buckle and give out on me a couple times a day. Dr. House got me two Mri’s for only $400 for both which I couldn’t believe because I got quoted at $2400 for both of them up here in PA. He explained the Mri results and answered all my questions. He informed me it would take 10 treatments of Prolopuncture and a couple months of rehab. When I was getting my treatments, I informed Dr. House i was also suffering from Diabetes type 2 which ran in my family. He said he could fix it… if i was willing to change my diet and do some herbal formulas. Dr. House is a miracle worker, its been 7 months and my knees are better than they were before my injuries. I can run the 1st time in years. I also have lost 30pds and my A1C blood test is below 5.5 the 1st time in 20 years. Thank you Dr. House you have changed my life.

William B

Thanks, For Helping Me!

IThank you for doing your best to help me. You made the healing experience an enjoyable one. Thanks for being patient with me and my many questions. I figure now that I can’t afford to do it wrong and I need to heal. All you taught me made so much sense and my energy and vest for life is back. My wife can’t believe the change in me. My pain was so exhausting and she has never been in pain and couldn’t understand. She has seen the change in me and our lives are better for that. Keep up the good work and God bless you.

Ernie M

Birth Annoucement

Hi, I’ve been wanting to send you a birth announcement. Baby Jason is now 7 weeks old tomorrow and is doing well. Isaac’s back is better than it has been ever. Thank you for healing my husband’s back and I can’t thank you enough for helping me get pregnant. Everything you taught me and said came true. Thanks for all you did for us we are eternally grateful !

Isaac, Naomi, Baby Jason P

Thank You, Dr. House

Thank you, Since I’ve started your regimen I feel stronger, my arthritis is gone and I’m not depressed anymore. All of which I didn’t think possible. I know I was very resistant, but i really do feel better.

Kelly B

Helped Me Immensely

Dr. House has helped me immensely. I had a couple acupuncture sessions last Monday and Wednesday, which helped immediately heal a very painful bursitis on my elbow within 3 days. Also, the eczema that had spread all over my arms for the last few months (despite my using all sorts of “natural” lotions that didn’t work), is now 95% healed up as well. I am blown away! Dr. House is full of energy and many healing tools in his repertoire. Well worth booking an appointment to see him.

Julie N

Great Experience

Great experience. Dr. House is very knowledgeable in Chinese herbalism and natural medicine. The clinic was beautiful, relaxing and clean. The ionic foot bath detox was life changing, i had no idea my body held onto that much garbage. I recommend the Acupuncture, I was scared & hated needles but it was painless. Thank you Dr. House for all the knowledge and the treatments, you are truly gifted & talented.

David D

I Feel Awesome

Recently during the preparations for the upcoming hurricane and afterwards, I realized the benefits of my efforts of the last couple of years. I was able to help a friend move three large car loads of his belongings from his home in Bradenton to my home in Sarasota and back home again.

Ruth Ph.D

Dr. House Really Cares

Dr. House is wonderful he really cares about his patients and spends one on one time, answers any questions you have concerning your health. I would not recommend anyone else, if you are seeking alternative medicine.

Angelica R.

Thank God There Are Dr.’S Like Dr. House

It is rare to find someone who takes the time to find what is actually wrong with me vs covering it up with meds like every other doctor. Thank God there are Doctors like Dr. House. We need more of him to be honest..

Chelsea T.

Highly Recommended

Dr. House listened to me and provided me much relief for both an Achilles tendinitis problem and a UTI through acupuncture, herbs and individually designed treatment. I highly recommend him. Thank you Dr. House, you are an amazing healer!

Janet C.

Thank You Dr. House

I have had sciatica for over a year and nothing helps me for very long. I have tried it all. Dr. House saw me 2 times my first week and it was not until the third visit that I got complete relief! He did the Biopuncture treatments to me and I have no more sciatica. Thank you Dr. House, you are a lifesaver!*

Sara M

Good Pricing!

I really like that Dr. House is able to get us in quickly and he has good pricing! He spent so much time with me explaining how Holistic Medicine could help me out and even thou insurance wouldn’t cover what he does, it was so much less expensive than I thought it was going to be. Not only that he worked with me and i couldn’t be happier with the results i got. I recommend you set up a free consult with Dr. House.

Jonell W.

Highly Knowledgeable, Understanding

Since the 1980’s I have sought treatment through Eastern and alternative medicines alongside western practices. Dr. House has done an outstanding job with diagnosing and treating two major organ conditions I’ve lived with. I am currently taking treatment under His care with detoxification through his use of Acupuncture and Chinese medicines. Dr. House’s knowledge, understanding, and experience has changed and continues to improve my quality of life under his treatments. I highly recommend his practice.

Lei S.

Thank You For The Successful Treatments

When I arrived at All Natural Healing Medical Center, I was suffering from an increasing level of pain and a growing inability to walk due to the unfortunate result of the three spinal surgeries by a western neurosurgical specialist. Having reached my limit of the ability to walk and endure the growing discomfort a good friend recommended getting a free consultation with Dr. House.

N. Suanders

Thank You!

Dr. Michael House was recently of great assistance by providing Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for a painful mouth and nasal infection. He helped my body start its healing process quickly. I am grateful for his EXPERT assistance in getting this condition resolved in about a week. He was willing to go to his office number of times including a Saturday when the office was closed. I highly recommend his services. He helped me in the past and this time was different but the results are awesome. Thank you, DR. HOUSE!

Ruth D.

Amazing At His Craft

Dr. House is truly amazing at his craft. I’ve had several surgeries that left me riddled with plates in both my left ankle and right wrist. I had struggled with pain and swelling for the last couple years in and out of pain management centers. Dr. House placed me on a natural regiment ranging from stretching properly and natural supplements that reduced my swelling. I would recommend Dr. House to anyone who really wants effective aid that truly makes a difference. His knowledge of the human body is unparalleled not to mention a delight to work with.

James G.

The Real Deal

I have seen multiple ortho doctors in Sarasota in the last 10 years. Every single one said “knee replacement” but they weren’t willing to do it because I was too young (38). They wanted to wait 10 years because I would probably have to get a second replacement before I died. Dr. House got me very inexpensive MRI , he went over everything and he didn’t even flinch about healing my knee. He could fix my torn meniscus in my knee. No surgery. IT WAS WORTH THE COST. Dr. House isn’t just a TV show. This is the real deal.

Keith A.

Painless Method And Good Results

I am from Pa. and I spent 14 days in Florida getting treatments from Dr. House. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and was very accommodating during my stay there. He went out of his way to give me treatments every day and even picked me up where I was staying one day it was raining. I had 2 major back surgeries and still had terrible lower back pain and he quickly discovered the problem and was able to relieve my pain in a short period of time. I would recommend his services over getting back surgery regardless of the circumstances. His method is painless and he gets results the natural way which is the way it should be. I would recommend his services for any type of back pain or joint problems.

Gary M.

I Am So Thankful For Dr. House!

I am so thankful for Dr. House! I went to him when I was in extreme pain and could barely walk. The pain was so intense it was debilitating. He did Biopuncture on me and used his Chinese medicine and soon I had no pain at all. He saved me from having back and neck surgery. His office is nice and comfortable and his staff is amazing. Dr. House is one of the funniest people I have ever met. Even when I was crying in pain he would make me laugh (all without trying). He has great stories. He takes lots of time with his patients and gives great medical advice. I am not going back to him for weight loss as I have seen some amazing before and after pictures of his work! One person loss 35 pounds in 1 month with his “all natural” herbal remedies. I would not believe this stuff worked if I did not experience it first hand. If you have any kind of back pain, neck pain, hip pain etc. I strongly suggest you go see him! He will make you feel better, make you laugh and have deep talks with you about life. He’s amazing

Christy T

What A Great Hidden Gem

What a great hidden gem, I wanted to lose weight, and Dr. House was so helpful with nutritional advice, helped me lose 40 pounds over 3 months. I also terrible pain in my knee and it would buckle when i would go up and down stairs. I know i didn’t want to get surgery because i have heard about nightmare stories how their knees were worse after surgery. My doctor wanted me to get a knee replacement but i felt i was way to young to get an artificial knee. Dr. House did Prolopuncture to my knee and after 10 treatments my knee has never felt better. Not only that i am running and riding my bike which i had given up on doing both. Dr. House has given me my athletic life back and i can’t put into enough words how grateful i am to meet Dr. House and have him work his magic on me. If you have any knee issues i strongly recommend talking to Dr. House before you make any final decisions. He explained to me what was exactly wrong with my knee after he got me a MRI for a crazy low price of $250. Thank God for Dr. House.

Paul T

I Found Dr. House By Way Of Searching For My Husband

I found Dr. House by way of searching for my husband. Dr. House treated his damaged shoulder with Prolopuncture and it was a complete success. SO……when I tore my ACL, there was no doubt who I would be going to for healing this situation completely. I did everything Dr. House suggested and not only is my knee healed but a previous injury on the same knee ( a torn meniscus) was finally completely healed as well! I fully and highly recommend Dr. House for any health issues you might have. He will do everything he can to get to the bottom of it and restore your health.

Kate C

Wow, Finally Free From Hip Pain!

Wow, finally free from hip pain! Great services. Right on with the Prolopuncture treatments! I was recommended to get a hip replacement which i saw commercials where they were suing joint replacement manufactures and i was terrified. Then my friend told me about Dr. H and how he could grow tissue in my hip joint so i wouldn’t have to get surgery. I was skeptical, but Dr. H went over my MRI and explained how he was going to use Dextrose to grow fibrous tissue in my hip joint so i wouldn’t have to get surgery. I trusted my friend and Dr. H was so convincing with all his success stories, i decided why not try the all natural alternative because i could always get surgery if it didn’t work. I am so happy to say my hip has never felt better. Dr. H was understanding and helpful, Thank You so much!


I Found Dr. House Seemingly By Accident

I found Dr. House seemingly by accident, although it now seems it was by divine intervention! I was looking for some help for my husband’s damaged shoulder which had become almost totally disabled. This was after going the usual orthopedic route and getting what turned out to be a bad diagnosis and no relief from the pain and lack of function. It was recommended that he have a shoulder replacement, after receiving cortisone injections for two years and being told it was just arthritis. What he had was a torn rotator cuff, damage to his labrum and bone on bone pain. It was Dr. House that discovered this misdiagnosis.

I was intrigued with the Prolopuncture information and encouraged by the reviews and videos. I showed my husband the website and we watched Dr. Houses’ videos and were impressed with his attitude and candor. We would later be impressed with his vast knowledge and commitment to successfully correcting the problems and restoring the quality of life that my husband once had.

So, we made the appointment, got x-rays and saw him in short order. My husband did EVERYTHING Dr. House told him to do along with getting the Prolopuncture shots twice weekly. If you do what he says to do, you will find that it is completely effective. It almost seemed miraculous! But it is scientific, and my husband is a perfect example of how effective it is. Dr. House said my husband’s shoulder was the second worse one he had seen and treated. His honesty was SO appreciated and as it turned out my husband is using his shoulder fully once again. He is a house painter, so his work depended on his full recovery. We highly recommend Dr. House and the services he offers to get you back to living a quality life in excellent health.

Kate P

Dr House Has Come To My Rescue

Dr. House has come to my rescue. I’m not against modern medicine but I always enjoy the natural remedies that the good doctor suggests. Id much rather use natural medicine that accommodates my body and mind. My entire family has been using him for 3 years now and we’re always surprised by his uncanny knowledge of the human body and what should and should not be consumed. My father has a bad knees and it was difficult for him to walk after a couple of Prolopuncture treatments and a healthy diet he lost 71 pounds in 6 months and the pain is manageable. Dr. House is always a delight and I couldn’t ask for a better man to aid me in my pursuit for a healthier lifestyle.