All Natural Healing Medical Center

What Can Biopuncture Therapy Do For You?

If you are looking for an alternative to neck and/or back surgery; Biopuncture therapy is now offered at All Natural Healing Medical Center in Sarasota, FL. You will find that there are not too many clinic that will provide this service anywhere in the US. Dr House was trained in China, and has brought back this Chinese Medicine for people looking for alternative to surgeries.

However, you will also find that when you choose to use Biopuncture, that your body will heal more naturally than it does when you use other treatments. This is because each injection has a specific Homeopathic natural substances that are designed to rehydrate and shrink herniated & bulging and degenerative disc.

You may have a concern that injecting these substances, in their natural state, could be potentially hazardous, but we would like to assure, they are completely safe. Since these substances are Homeopathic, they are diluted, have to adhere to strict nutraceutical laws; so there is no concern to your health from these injections.