What Our Prolopuncture Clinic Can Do For You

Prolopuncture is one of the newest evolutions in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with over a 100 years of a successful track record in China. The benefit of Prolopuncture is used to help the body heal joints properly and the best fastest way. I am sure you can immediately grasp the immense rewards that such a treatment will have, especially for those in athletics or who make their income off intense physical activity.

Prolopuncture is now offered at All Natural Healing Medical Center. The clinic is now open for business and with updated training and licensing. We are able to help our patients achieve full recovery in the shortest amount of time possible. This is in part because this treatment grows fibrous tissue to the torn and degenerative ligaments, tendons, labrum, meniscus and cartilage. This new fibrous tissue repairs tears in the soft tissue that otherwise the body never will repair. This allows both degenerative or thin soft tissue to thicken up; like resoling a shoe. The damaged soft tissue now will heal. Prolopuncture strengthens the repaired soft tissue in the joint in such a way that makes the healing most efficient. Call our clinic today and set up a free consult with Dr House, who was trained on Prolopuncture in China in 2002.